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Top 8 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Bridesmaids Happy

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Wedding Bridesmaids

Having wedding bridesmaids is one of the best things to happen to brides. There is a lot to do, and bridesmaids can share the load to help the bride. However, you must keep them happy, too, so they don't feel overworked and overwhelmed.

Here are the top eight ways you can keep your bridesmaids happy.

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  1. Tell Them Your Expectations

Bridesmaids are responsible for throwing wedding parties and showers. However, if they don’t match your expectations, you can end up becoming disappointed. That is why it is essential to let your bridesmaids know what you expect of them.

Setting your Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower expectations will make things easier for them. They will not have to guess what you need, and they will throw you a party that you love. It is a win-win situation for both brides and bridesmaids.

  1. Keep Their Budgets In Mind

You need to understand the financial standing of your bridesmaids too. It will cost them a lot, from the bachelorette party to the wedding gift to their dresses. That is why it is essential to consider their financial situation.

Here are a few ways you can help them cut their costs:

  • Give them jewelry they can wear on the wedding day as your bridal party gift
  • Allow them to rent their bridesmaid dresses
  • Give ideas for low-cost spaces for your bachelorette party
  • Plan events that everyone in your wedding can afford to attend

Doing these four things will show your bridesmaids you care about them and appreciate their time, effort, and money.

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  1. Provide White Flip Flops For Wedding

Comfort is one of the essential things any bridesmaids want. They are tired of putting in the effort to help you have the best wedding, which is why you need to consider their comfort. You should provide them with white flip-flops for weddings.

They can wear this before the wedding starts and after the ceremony to enjoy the rest of the wedding comfortably. It is the latest trend, and white flip-flops for weddings are available in endless designs and patterns to add some glam to your wedding.

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  1. Let Them Choose Their Dresses

Keep in mind that everyone is unique and has a different body shape and size. Most of the time, brides don't think about this and choose the same dress for their bridesmaids. If you want a consistent theme, you can select the color of their dress but let them choose the dress style.

They want to look their best at your wedding, and it will give them the freedom to explore their wedding fashion. Your bridesmaids will appreciate your flexible nature, and they will be more willing to spend money on an outfit they will wear again. So, it is the best tip for your bridesmaids and you.

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  1. Keep Your Cool

We have all heard of the term bridezilla, and you don't want to be this for your bridesmaids. The truth is that they are putting their money, effort, and time into making your wedding come true, and you should not take your frustrations out on them. It is normal to feel overwhelmed before the wedding, but you should try to maintain your calm.

Always keep a calm head, and every time you think your bridezilla tendency is coming out, check-in with yourself and keep it to yourself. Everyone is trying to do their best, and that is why you should also treat them in the best way possible.

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  1. Respect Their Life

While bridesmaids are there to help you during this time, you should not forget that they have a personal life and responsibilities. You should not expect them to be there for you as soon as you call. That is why you need to keep their schedule in mind and then ask accordingly to accompany you to your appointments.

Don’t schedule something on a time and date that you know will be challenging for your bridesmaids. Keep in mind to ask them to accompany you instead of telling them. Your tone will make all the difference as they will not feel like you are bossing them around all the time.

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  1. Let Them Choose Their Makeup And Hair

All of us have unique faces and features. That is why what might suit someone may not suit someone else. You need to keep this in mind and let your bridesmaids choose their makeup and hair.

They need to feel beautiful in how they look, and that is why you should impose makeup or hairstyle on them. If you want them to have their makeup done by a professional, then you should be the one paying for it. Not everyone can afford a professional makeup artist, which is why you will have to pick up their tab.

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  1. Be Grateful

Last but not least, you should always recognize the efforts of your bridesmaids and be thankful to them. They are giving their time, money, and energy to your wedding, which is why they need to be appreciated for their efforts. You can do this by giving them a thank-you gift.

Besides that, you also need to say thank you every time they do something for you. It will make them feel positive, and they will want to do more for you because they know you appreciate them. That is why you should never forget to spread the love and be thankful to your bridesmaids.

Final Words

These are the top eight ways you can make the life of your bridesmaids easier. It is a two-way street, and if you want them to be happy and comfortable, you need to provide them with the same. That is why being thankful and giving white flip-flops for weddings is essential.

It will allow them to be comfortable when they are tired of wearing their heels and enjoy your wedding to the fullest. After all, they deserve to have fun after working so hard for you.