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Decorating a Destination Wedding Reception

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Creating Atmosphere for your Guests


A destination wedding reception should be elegant yet relaxed. It's essential to choose a venue that can accommodate your guests and your needs. Try to choose a location with beautiful scenery. Make sure to select a color palette and décor that compliment your theme and location. Keep your menu precise, and don't forget to have plenty of drinks and snacks available for your guests. Try to make a fun and festive atmosphere so that everyone can enjoy themselves!

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For the Perfect Picture Moments


Let's look at some destination wedding ideas that will get your creative juices flowing!


This reception was about an hour away from the church, on a dreamy island. The décor was simple yet classy, with white tablecloths and pale blue napkins. Small votive candles were placed in small glass bowls around the tables, giving off just enough light to see your food without being too bright or dim. The centerpieces consisted of mason jars filled with water, roses, and eucalyptus leaves, which released their fragrance throughout the entire venue. Preserved eucalyptus branches scattered around on each table for added detail and color. There were additional cases of beautiful pink roses placed in random locations throughout the reception hall for extra color. An elegant archway with a silk curtain in front of it gave off a very romantic and classic feel to the venue.


The color scheme consisted of tan, white, and soft pink at this reception. There was also a small arrangement of fresh flowers placed at each setting. For the centerpieces of each table, there were three round mirrors arranged together, creating a beautiful pyramid effect. Around these centerpieces, there were small vases with fresh flowers placed in them. 

Along with this article, we're giving you advice and tips on how to choose your venue for your destination wedding reception.


Decorating a wedding reception


When decorating a wedding reception, the most important thing to keep in mind is the theme of the wedding. If you're having a destination wedding, chances are you'll want to keep the décor elegant to match the natural beauty of your location.


Here are some ideas to start your destination wedding reception:


  • Use natural materials like bamboo or wood to create a rustic, tropical feel
  • Hang lanterns or fairy lights to give the space a magical feeling
  • String ivy or flowers around the room to add color and fragrance
  • Use candles to create a warm, romantic atmosphere
  • Incorporate the destination's signature colors into your decor
  • Personalized tropical, beach or destination-themed coasters add fun and individuality to your drink station.

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Using Flip Flops for your Wedding Reception


One great way to add a touch of your destination wedding to your reception is by using flip flops as place cards. They're a fun, unique way to let guests know where they're supposed to sit, and they also make an excellent souvenir for them to take home. You can find flip-flops in a variety of colors and styles, so it's easy to find ones that match your wedding theme.

After the wedding, one of the sweetest memories you'll have is the wedding reception. If you're hosting a destination wedding, here are some ideas to help add that special touch:


  • Try tying wedding reception flip flops around party favors or centerpieces
  • Print individual photos of everyone in your wedding party on wedding reception flip flops and give them out as wedding favors
  • Use wedding reception flip flops to decorate table numbers
  • Glue shells or other decorative items onto personalized wedding flip flops for an extra special touch
  • Tie an engraved wedding flip flop onto each place card for a personalized touch

No matter what type of wedding reception you have, adding personalized touches is an easy way to create excitement, get people involved in the celebration and make memories that will last forever.

  • Personalized wedding flip flops are fun because they give guests something to do at the reception (and they're comfortable!)
  • Guests can take them home as souvenirs or use them after the wedding day for their morning coffee or when they go to the beach.