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6 Pool Party Must-Haves

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If you are having a pool party this summer, then you doubt want to make sure it’s a fun and memorable event for every single guest! A good pool party starts with good planning. If you want to have the best pool party ever, make sure you have the following 6 pool party must-haves on your shopping list.

flip flops for every one at the pool party

Flip flops for every guest

Make sure that your pool party guests don’t have to go barefoot by supplying them with flip flops! You can purchase bulk flip flops at a great price, so you won’t need to break open the bank account for this one. Consider purchasing flip flops in a few different styles so that guests can pick out which colors or patterns

sun hats for everyone

Fun summer hats

Summer hats are an essential at a pool party, and not just because they look great in photos! Summer hats will help guests keep their faces and heads protected from the hot summer sun. If you will have both men and women at your party, keep this in mind; either look for a unisex hat or offer two different kinds in case people would prefer one style over the other.

wear sunscreen for a pool party

Personal sunscreen bottles

Sunscreen is an absolute must at a pool party! You don’t want your guests to get sunburned. To make things easier, purchase mini personal sunscreen bottles that everyone can get upon entry into the pool party. This one, you don’t have to pass around big bottles of sunscreen. Make sure that you purchase waterproof sunscreen since this will be a pool party!

refreshing drinks

Refreshing drinks and appetizers

What pool party is complete without some great drinks and snacks? Opt for light refreshments such as appetizers, since no one will want to fill up their stomach before heading into the pool. Drinks should be served cold, so make sure that you stock up on the ice. Lemonade, juice, sparkling water, and spring water are all great choices for drinks. For snacks, opt for something that people can eat in a bite or two, such as mini “tea party” style sandwiches, crackers, and other small bites.

beach towels

Fluffy beach towels

Your guests will need something to dry them off when they get out of the pool! Fluffy beach towels make for the perfect pool party companion since they will help guests dry off and give them something to lay on if they want to lounge on a pool chair or on the grass to sunbathe.

poolside speakers

Sound system (such as speakers)

Pool parties are all about fun, and what could be more fun than playing some great music while people swim, mingle and have fun? Look for an outdoor sound system, such as outdoor speakers, that you can hook up to your phone or tablet, so that you can play a curated playlist during the event.

If you are having a pool party this summer, don’t forget to get the above 6 pool party must-haves!